Say What?! Ray Dalio Fires Back, Tom Steyer Backs Clinton

July 28, 2016  

"The company’s culture ensures that I had no one I could trust to keep my experience confidential." Former Bridgewater Associates employee Christopher Tarui, in a complaint to the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities obtained by the New York Times, alleging that he was sexually harassed at work and urged to keep it quiet. The complaint was later withdrawn. (via New York Times)


"If Bridgewater was really as bad as the New York Times describes, then why would anyone want to work here?" — Bridgewater founder Raymond Dalio, in a LinkedIn post rebutting the Times story (via LinkedIn)


"Hillary is such a natural choice for President it’s easy — but important not to — forget she just broke through the ultimate glass ceiling." — Farallon Capital Management founder Tom Steyer, live-tweeting from the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this week, on Hillary Clinton’s historic nomination as the first female candidate for President of the United States (via Twitter)


"Ted Cruz dashed the next 25 yrs of his presidential hopes. Talented guy but not a statesman. Statesman do the right thing even if it hurts." SkyBridge Capital founder and Donald Trump backer Anthony Scaramucci, on the Texas senator’s refusal to endorse Trump as the Republican presidential nominee (via Twitter)

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